Four Soils Ministry Bible School

Four Soils Ministry offers four Bible Study Certificate programs FREE of charge. All course material and certificates are without charge. There are no prerequisites. Courses are available to anyone, anywhere , world wide. All one needs is a desire to study God’s Word and an Internet connection.

On average it takes a student about two years to complete the 120 plus lessons required for each of the certificates, however we have had students finish in six months. You can find information on each of these programs listed below:

Preaching Certificate

Four Soils Ministry offers a “Certificate in Preaching” to those that have received God’s call into the preaching ministry.

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Biblical Counseling Certificate

Four  Soils Ministry’s Christian Counseling Certificate program offers a training process, leading to certificate as a Christian Counselor.

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Teaching Certificate

Bible Study Certificates Four Soils Ministry offers a “Certificate in Bible Teaching” to those that have received God’s call into a Bible teaching ministry

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Discipleship Certificate

Four Soils Ministry’s Discipleship Certificate program is for the serious Bible student, one who feels the call of God. The goal of Four Soils Ministry’s discipleship program is to ground the disciple in the Word of God

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